The Parad Shivaling

WEALTH, RESPECT, honor, comforts, position and luxuries! To put briefly whatever that is worth liking that which is the dream of every person can be had through a Parad Shivaling. Only when the good time of a person starts showing up does the opportunity of establishing a Parad Shivaling (Shivaling made of mercury) in the house manifest. Parad Shivaling is undoubtedly the most unique, valuable gift spiritualism has gifted to the entire human race.
Parad Shivaling is certainly one of the rarest creations, a divine gift bestowed upon mankind by the gods. There is nothing that cannot be achieved in this world, but to acquire an authentic Ras Siddh (consecrated) and Mantra Siddh (Mantra energized) Parad Shivaling is indeed the greatest luck, for it is such a unique gift on acquiring which the person’s present and even the coming lives get blessed. A person may have a desire  to reach the highest  echelons of life or to finish off the Karmas of past lives…. all this is easily possible by daily acquiring the glimpse of a Parad Shivaling.
Parad Shivaling has also proved extremely beneficial in curing some long-standing and supposedly incurable diseases.
According to scientific research an atom has been known to hold super energy within itself. In the same light the text Shiva Puraan declares that a Parad Shivaling is super-powerful and replete with divine energy.
The great Sadhak Ravan, who was also an adept in this science and was called a Ras Siddh Yogi (one who knows the art of making mercury solid and pure), not only acquired amazing powers through this science but also converted his capital Lanka into a city of gold. The treatise Rudra Samhita has mentioned Ravan’s abilities in unambiguous words.
Even the great demon king Bannasur was able to fulfill his wish by performing the divine worship of such a Parad Shivaling.
For today’s modern scholars and Ayurved experts it has become a subject of utter consternation how mercury (Parad), that is liquid, can be solidified and given a fixed shape of a Shivaling!

Scriptural facts about the Parad Shivaling

Raso Rasendrah Sootashcha Raseshcha Raseshwarah
Chapalo Ras Raajeshcha Paaradashcha Shivahavyah
Rasnaad Bhrakaadinaam Ghatunaam Keertito Rasah
Abhrakaadma-dhiraajatvaad Sendra Iti Kakshchate
Dehlohmayi Siddhdi Soote-tah Soot Ucchyateh
Swabhaavaacchapalo Yasmaat Tato-sou Chapalah Smritah
Aatakam Pank Magnaanaam Paaradnaach Paaradah
Abhnaadirsaraajatva Drasraajah Smrito Buddhei

The medical qualities of every metal are in fact its real and innate qualities.

Sute Gunnan Shatkoti Bajranch-Chaabhre
Sahastro Kanakou Shateikam
Naare Gunnaa Sheeti Tadarghakaante-Teekshnnei Chaturshashtthi Khout Dadharma

In this verse it has been told that copper has 32, iron 64, silver 80, gold 100, diamond and mica 1000 and mercury 100 million qualities. Samskaarit Parad (cleansed, purified, consecrated mercury) is beneficial for health in several ways. With its help all types of fever and diseases are removed and the body is made strong and radiating. The Samskaarit solidified Para or mercury is capable of freeing a person of all ailments, Baddh Para (another form of consecrated mercury) is capable of bestowing totality to a person’s life while Mrit Para is renowned for giving longevity.
Describing the unique nature of Parad one verse states thus:
Jalago Jal Roopenn Tvarito Hansago Bhavet
Malago Mal Roopenn Sadharmo Dhoomago Bhavet
Anyaa Jeev Gati Deivi Jeevo-nndaadiv Nishkamet
Sataanshcha Jeev Yenjee Vaansten Jeevo Rasah Smritah
Chastro Gatayo Drishyaa Adrishyaa Panchami Gatih
Mantradhyaanaadinaa Tasya Roodhyate Panchamon Gati
- Ath Paaradasya Gatayah

i.e. Parad becomes one with water on liquifying. On getting much heat it gets vaporized, spreads like smoke in the entire surroundings and then disappears. In metallic form it gets mixed with other metals. Apart from this mercury has one more hidden trait that is called the Deivi or the divine Gati. This is also known as Parad’s Jeev Gati or Ras Gati. As the ghosts leave the body after death mercury too leaves unobstructed. Even on closing all escape outlets the mercury manages to disappear in the form of vapor – this is its innate nature. If by some way the Gati of Parad is checked and then made suitable for consumption then this same mercury becomes a source of rejuvenation. The Samskaarit Parad can be seen in the form of metal, liquid, ray or vapor but its fifth form, the Jeev Gati cannot be seen, and hence it is also called the Dev Gati. This form can only be made lasting with the assistance of high level Mantras, meditation and Yogic methods. As a Samadhi attuned body can retain the ghost for eternity, the same can be said about Parad.
According to the scriptures, Ayurved and science only Parad is an element that can remain mixed with other elements without actually losing its own identity. Naturally occurring mercury is a poison but after treating it to various processes like Swedan, Mardan, Murcchhan, Utthapan, and Patan etc. it can be cleansed of all poisonous properties. Such cleansed and purified Parad becomes an equivalent of elixir. For making a Parad Shivaling also, Parad is made to undergo rigorous Samskars like Murcchhan, Khecharit, Keelit, Shambhu, Vijit etc. Only after going through these alchemical processes mercury acquires a solidified form with which a Shivaling is prepared. To consecrate and energize such a Shivaling and make it extremely divine and fruitful one has to perform Mantra chanting with Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra and Mudra (a special sign made with the hands) in an auspicious period. There are only a fistful of those extremely fortunate people in the entire world who have a rightly consecrated and energized Parad Shivaling in their house. Wherever such a Shivaling is worshipped regularly that place is always replete with Riddhis (comforts, riches), Siddhis (divine powers), devotion and divine energy. And those people who possess such a Shivaling always remain unaffected by the three types of sufferings viz. physical, mental and spiritual.
According to the scriptures it is the only type of Shivaling that can be moved from one place to the other. This unique Shivaling bestows all worldly pleasures and final emancipation at the same time and can only be had through special divine grace of some great Sadguru, Mahayogi or a deity and not otherwise as it is the sole source of great miracles, Sadhanas and unblemished success.
The great Guru and Yogi Govinda Padacharya, the Guru of Adi Shankaracharya, has compared such purified mercury with ‘Soul’. According to him:
i) Parad is the only source of totality.
ii) Parad is the sole medicine for acquiring a completely healthy physique and extremely long life.
iii) Of all metals that are used in preparation of gold, mercury is the foremost.
The mystery of all beauties of nature lie in such consecrated mercury called Parad. Only a self-realized master can have the knowledge of creating a Paras (a touchstone that can convert base metals into gold by mere touch). This is because in actuality Paras and Parad are both same and possess similar qualities.

Yathaa Rasastathaa Hyaatmaa, Yathaa Hyaatmaa Tathaa Rasah
Aatmavid Ras Vicheiv, Dhdaavibhou Sookshmadarshinou.

Because of its special properties man has tried to perfect and utilize it from time immemorial. Once the sixteen Samskaars are performed, there is no metal more unique than mercury.
The specialties of Parad Shivaling have been dealt with in detail in the treatise ‘Asratnasamucchay. To redeem oneself of all sins, to free oneself completely of all the past Karmas and to attain longevity, good health, Siddhis and all kinds of luxuries there is no better source than the Parad Shivaling! By daily worshipping the Parad Shivaling a person even while enjoying all the worldly comforts gets freed of the mire of the world, and when the right time comes attains to total realization.

Shataashvameghen Kriten Punyam
Go Kotibhih Swarna Sahastra Daanaat
Nrinnaam Bhavetsootak Darshanen
Yatsarvateertheshu Kritaa Bhishekaat

The spiritual benefit and merit that one receives by performing 100 Ashvamedha Yagnas, by gifting 10 million cows, by giving tonnes of gold in charity and by performing the pilgrimage of all the four divine seats is got easily just by acquiring the glimpse of a Parad Shivaling.

Vidhaay Ras Lingah Yo Bhakti Yuktah Samarchanyet
Jagattritay Lingaanaam Poojaa Phalmanvaapnuyaat

The offering, worshipping, contemplating, holding and consuming of Parad is capable of redeeming a person of the most sordid sins. The past Karmas of various lives can surely be obliterated through its help. Parad Shivaling is most unique even for acquiring overall success and divine capabilities. In this world a person can get anything by spending money, yet it is only the most fortunate ones that can get an authentic Mantra-energized and consecrated Parad Shivaling. All the topmost Sadhu, Samnyasis, virtuous householders, Yogis, Yatis and famous people continuously try hard to acquire such a unique and fruitful Parad Shivaling.
All the great beings of this world are unanimous in their opinion that one who has touched, worshipped or seen a Parad Shivaling is indeed a most fortunate person. For him all the worldly comforts and spiritual totality are possible, nay, almost certain at the same time!

“A person, who keeps a Parad Shivaling in his house, worships it or acquires its glimpse regularly, is absolved of all sins, attains various divine capabilities and attains to the highest bliss after enjoying all worldly comforts. A person gets the merit of worshipping all types of Shivalings that are in the world just by worshipping a Parad Shivaling.”
-Paramhans Swami Satchidaanandji
The famous text of mercurial science, ‘Yog Shikhopanishad’, says:

Raslingah Mahaalingah Shivashakti Niketanam
Lingah Shivaaliyamam Proktam Siddhidam Sarva Dehinaam
-Yog Shikhopanishad
ie. the Ling made of mercury is the greatest Shivaling. Possessing the powers of Shiva and Shakti alike it is the real abode of Lord Shiva, which is capable of giving anything in the world.

Abhrakam Tav Beejam Tu Mam Beejam Tu Paaradah
Baddho Paarad Lingoth Mrityu Daaridrya Naashanam
-Sarva Darshan Sanghrah

According to Mother Shivaa one who worships the Abhrak (mica) created Parad is freed of aging, death, paucity, sorrows and all types of fear for ever.

Dharmaarth Kaam Mokshaakhyaa Purushaarthash-chaturvidyaa
Siddhayanti Naatra Sandeho Rasraaj Prasaadatah
-Rasaarnnav Tantra
ie. one who worships a Parad Shivaling even once in his lifetime gets all the four boons of life namely righteousness, riches, fulfillment of desires and spiritual totality in his life.

Dhanyaarante Purushah Lokeyer-chayanti Raseshwaram
Sarva Paap Haram Devam Sarvakaamphalpradam
Braahmanaah Kshatriyaah Veishyaastriyah Shudraantya Jaatayah
Sampoojya Tam Survaram Praapnuvanti Paraam Gatim
-Brahma Purann

Lady luck certainly smiles on a person who regularly worships a Parad Shivaling after establishing it in his house. Perfection itself, in both the spiritual and worldly matters, is gained by him!
Everybody be it men or women or people of any class, caste or creed have an equal right to worship this Shivaling. And they all get the same benefits by worshipping it. Till there is sun and moon in the sky such a person leads a life full of happiness and there is no lack of respect, honor, position, family and knowledge in his life.

Godhanashcheiv Kritdhanaashcha Veerhaa Bhroonnhaapi Vaa
Sharannaagatghaati Cha Mitra Vishrambhaghaatakh
Dushta Paap Samaachari Matra Pitra Prahaapi Va
Archanaat Raslingen Tattatpaapaat Pramuchyate
– Shiva Purann

ie. Even the greatest sinners like killers of cows, foetus, Brahmins and parents and killers of friends are absolved of all sins just by worshipping a Parad Shivaling.
The Parad Shivaling is even greater than the Dwadash Jyotirlings. Hence, the spiritual merits and benefits that are received on worshipping it are even greater. The technical qualities that should be present in a Parad Shivaling are as under:
i) It should be smooth, without marks or holes, and with a whitish hue. The Ling should be made according to the proportions given in the scriptures.
ii) The mercury should be made Ras Siddh in an auspicious moment. And it should be given a solidified Shivaling form in the ‘Vijay Kaal’ (a special auspicious moment). Even the other processes like Mudra Bandh, Archan, consecration, and instilling of energy into the Shivaling with Sanjeevani Mudra Mantra should be carried out in the best and most auspicious moments.
A house that has a Parad Shivaling with eighteen Samskaars performed on it is undoubtedly an energized, divine seat of the unified powers of Shiva and Shakti. Even if one has to spend one’s whole life in hardships in order to acquire such a Shivaling, then also it is worth it, for there is no greater achievement in life than getting an authentic, energized Parad Shivaling.