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The Immortal Guru-Mahavatar Baba

Not much was known about this great guru except for the little information that is got from Paramahans Yoganand’s book. He was made known to the public for the first time through that book, though he was there thousands of years before and is still present in the remote ranges of Himalayas.

Some people say that Mahavatar Baba is the legendary Kripacharya, the immortal guru and warrior of Dwapar yuga. He has appeared from time to time at various places in different forms. Almora Baba, Haidakhan Baba, Trayambak Baba etc. are some of the avatars that he was donned through his perpetual existence.

Babaji has guided several spiritual gurus of the past. Among them were Shankarcharya and Kabir. Jesus received his Kriya yog initiation in Kashmir from the great guru. Even today Christ remains in continual contact with Babaji and both of them try to spread the consciousness of love, peace and spiritual existence in the world through their spiritual vibrations.

Paramahans Rahuleshwaranadji is one of those fortunate ones, who has received the Kriya yog initiation directly from the great guru. He and his brother disciple Prakashanadji, were sent to Mahavatar Babaji by Paramhans Trijataji. The story of their first meeting with the deathless master is very enthralling. The story is being given here in the words of Swami Prakashanandji.

After we had received knowledge on Tantric percepts from Trijataji, he insisted that I and Rahuleshwaranadji should go and receive the techniques of Kriya yog from Mahavatar Babaji himself. The only clue about his whereabouts given to us by Trijataji was that he generally wandered about the Nar-Narayan mountain ranges in Badrinath and the Kalindi range which was beyond it. The temple of Badrinath is one of most beautiful and spiritually vibrant shrines of the world. Situated in a large, wide valley its general aura exhudes a sense of peace and purity.

Twenty-three kms. of strenuous trekking from Badrinath brings a person to a place called Swargarohini. It is believed that here are natural made stairs that ascend to the heaven. The Pandvas had come here after the Mahabharat war and were tested while they ascended towards heaven.
From here, extremely rough and dangerous route of about 10 km. may take an indomitable trekker to the Kalinidi cave which is situated in the Kalinidi mountain range. An ordinary mortal cannot reach there. Unless one has mastered Pranayam (a special breathing technique) one’s brain nerves may burst due to lack of oxygen.
We trekked for five tiresome days, continuously and reached the Kalinidi cave tired and exhausted. Indeed this cave can be called the wonder of nature. It is several kms. long and wide. In the middle is a large open ground encircled by mountains. The most surprising part is that though the mountains are all covered with snow, there is no trace of it on the ground. The ground is covered by a thick dawn of velvety grass. In the middle is a lake of crystal clear water, in the centre of which a very grand shivalinga is established. It is believed that lord Brahma comes everyday here to worship the lord with blue lotus.
In one section of the Kalinidi cave one can see hundreds of high caliber yogis seated in lotus posture, immersed in divine communion. They have been sitting thus for many-many years. During the night time the rays of penance that emit from their bodies light up the entire region.
Trijataji had told us that the great guru will meet us here. Hence we waited there for three days. A single morsel of food had not passed our lips for five days. We were feeling desperate when the next day we received Trijataji’s order – “Babaji is right now on Mt. Meru. Go and meet him there. I have talked to him about you.”
We started for Mt. Meru at once. How we traversed that merciless and unforgiving terrain is a story in itself. Yet when we reached the smmit of the mountain at last – broken, starved and fatigued – all our anxieties came to and end. Seated in lotus posture on a large boulder before us was the great immortal guru. Six advanced yogis sat around him along three beautiful and enchanting yoginis. On the right hand one could see three caves.

To be continued…..