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Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth
“Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth Charitable Trust”, an Ashram based on humanitarian principles, equality of all religions and the Santana values is situated in a panoramic landscape in Waghralpada, Vasai (E). This Ashram gives an impression of a Vedic heritage.  One look at this beautiful Ashram and the onlooker seems to be transported to the Vedic era. Spread in an area of six acres its boundaries are made of small hills on one side and a small river on the other.  The Ashram is constructed simply, but tastefully.  One can see the beautiful temple Goddess Padmavati, the yajna Mandap, meditation hall, and kutis for the ascetic disciples.

Baglamukhi Peeth
Pujya Gurudev has always envisioned a human race which is determined, competent and vigorous. But it’s not possible unless one has to cope with diseases, sorrows, obstacles and enemies. That’s the reason why Gurudev established Baglamukhi Peeth in Rishikesh, the land of holy Rishis, which is dedicated to Goddess Baglamukhi. Another reason for establishing this Peeth is that there was no other Peeth of Mother Baglamukhi in that region.

Nikhil Peeth
The Nikhil Peeth was established by Pujya Gurudev Rahuleshwaranandji in the years 1999 and is situated in amidst lofty Himalayan peaks. This place is amongst the five Badris and is known as “Dhyan Yoga Badri”. The Ashram is situated here below “Sheshvan”, the place of the mystical serpent god, Sheshnaga. Gurudev had selected this spot due to its natural beauty, sanctity and spiritual ambience, as thousands of saints and yogis have performed their sadhanas here is the past. The Peeth has especially been established for those true sadhkas, who want to do high level sadhanas and acquire highest accomplishment in a single lifetime.

Padmashree Foundation
It was the year 2004, and Gurudev was invited by a few people to California. Gurudev reached Los Angeles and he conducted two spiritual camps. In one of them he discoursed on the importance of meditation and even revealed a few secret meditation techniques. The other camp was based on how a person can remove all negative influences, vibrations from his life and fill it with positive thinking and energy.