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Padmashree Foundation

It was the year 2004, and Gurudev was invited by a few people to California. Gurudev reached Los Angeles and he conducted two spiritual camps. In one of them he discoursed on the importance of meditation and even revealed a few secret meditation techniques. The other camp was based on how a person can remove all negative influences, vibrations from his life and fill it with positive thinking and energy.
Gurudev answered the queries of people during these camps in such simple and lucid manner that all of them acknowledged that they were never guided in such a manner before. Everyone was extremely satisfied and contented. They also requested Gurudev to come there frequently so that they too could benefit by his wisdom. As a result Padmashree Foundation was born.
The main aim of the Foundation is to propagate Vedic values and lifestyle so that people may once again enjoy a tension free, blissful and exuberant life. In a span of just a few years the Foundation has been able to kindle a lamp of spirituality in the lives of several people who were striving to conquer the darkness of materialism. The Foundation wants to create awareness against the use of drugs, liquor etc. Universal brotherhood, mutual love, religious tolerance ranks high on the agenda of the Foundation.
Venerable Gurudev has organized several Sadhana camps and Yajnas here and many American citizens have benefited by participating in them. Gurudev wants to conduct a Laksha Chandi Yajna here in the near future, so that the onslaughts going on the  world in the form of wars, terrorist attacks, political upheavals could be checked and a new world order based  on humanity and love could be introduced.
The Foundation is ever ready to contribute in social welfare programs and is resolved in defeating all sorts of evils prevalent in the society. Venerable Gurudev also wishes to erect a temple here which will be dedicated to Bhagwati Jagdamba – a temple where anyone could come irrespective of his caste, religion and nationality and realize all his desires, through the benevolent grace of the Mother Goddess.

Nikhil Peeth

The Nikhil Peeth was established by Pujya Gurudev Rahuleshwaranandji in the years 1999 and is situated in amidst lofty Himalayan peaks. This place is amongst the five Badris and is known as “Dhyan Yoga Badri”. The Ashram is situated here below “Sheshvan”, the place of the mystical serpent god, Sheshnaga. Gurudev had selected this spot due to its natural beauty, sanctity and spiritual ambience, as thousands of saints and yogis have performed their sadhanas here is the past. The Peeth has especially been established for those true sadhkas, who want to do high level sadhanas and acquire highest accomplishment in a single lifetime.
This Peeth, which is dedicated to Swami Rahuleshwaranandji’s Guru, Brahmswaroop Paramhans Nikhileshwaranandji and Mother Padmavati, takes active part in all social welfare programs from time to time. Poor children are provided with clothes, school fee, books etc. The pilgrims to Badrinath, which is just 25km. from here, are given food and shelter here. The saints, yogis and ascetics also stay here while going to Badrinath and the Peeth takes care of all their necessities and also honors them by giving Dakshina to them.
A big Bhandra is organized after the temple of Badrinath is reopened for the public every year. For the past several years now the Nikhil Peeth has been receiving honor of organizing this first Bhandra. Thousands of pilgrims, saints, and ascetic come in this Bhandra and Gurudev offers clothes and Dakshina to all the ascetics on that day. Another Bhandra is held annually on the birthday of Yogishwar Nikhileshwaranandji and hundreds of people come here on that day to participate in the Bhandara.
The Peeth creates awareness in the people of the nearby regions against use of liquor and other bad habits. It teaches them the advantages of hygienic living and guides the young people so that they can become self reliant and enjoy a good life.
With the grace of Gurudev the Peeth also grows rare herbs which have great Ayurvedic importance.
Indeed, this place surrounded by natural beauty is a paradise on earth, whoever goes there starts feeling healthy energized and spiritually elevated.

Baglamukhi Peeth

Pujya Gurudev has always envisioned a human race which is determined, competent and vigorous. But it’s not possible unless one has to cope with diseases, sorrows, obstacles and enemies. That’s the reason why Gurudev established Baglamukhi Peeth in Rishikesh, the land of holy Rishis, which is dedicated to Goddess Baglamukhi. Another reason for establishing this Peeth is that there was no other Peeth of Mother Baglamukhi in that region.
Mother Baglamukhi is that cosmic energy, which helps s person to conquer all his negative traits and raise his consciousness to higher levels by destroying his false ego and his diseases, sorrows and enemies. Only when a person escapes these negative influences can he become determined, resolute and intelligent and go on to become a perfect human being. A human being who not only uplifts himself, but also helps in overall upliftment of the society.
Time and again Gurudev has initiated several social welfare programs from here. On several occasions Bhandaras are organized here for ascetics, Mahatmas and monks and clothes and Dakshina are offered to them, Poor women are given clothes and household commodities from time to time. Recently a “Ganga Safai Rally” was organized by the Peeth in which several reputed citizens of the city and children from various schools took part enthusiastically. The Peeth has also taken the responsibility for the well-being and education of a few children from poor families.
The aim of the Peeth is to remove the evil tendencies and wrong practices prevalent in the society, to establish such ideals which will assist in creating a loving and congenial atmosphere for all. The Peeth is firm and determined in the fulfillment of this dream.
The sister branch of the “Sanatan Gaushala Foundation” is also situated here. Though there are not many cattle here, presently, yet the Peeth is carrying out its responsibility of serving and rescuing the cows from slaughterhouses and spreading awareness in this regard.

Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth

“Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth Charitable Trust”, an Ashram based on humanitarian principles, equality of all religions and the Santana values is situated in a panoramic landscape in Vaghralpada, Vasai (E). This Ashram gives an impression of a Vedic heritage.  One look at this beautiful Ashram and the onlooker seems to be transported to the Vedic era. Spread in an area of six acres its boundaries are made of small hills on one side and a small river on the other.  The Ashram is constructed simply, but tastefully.  One can see the beautiful temple Goddess Padmavati, the yajna Mandap, meditation hall, and kutis for the ascetic disciples.
Founded in 1996 by Parmhans Swami Rahuleshwaranandji, who is a divine yogi related to siddhashram (an ethereal divine Ashram in the Himalaya), “Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth” is a spiritual centre for one and all and various humanitarian deeds are carried out from here.  The sadhaks living here have resolved to make this world a better living place, a place full of love, awareness and harmonized existence.
For this purpose the sadhaks and the ascetics reach out to the tribals living close by and distribute free monthly ration to them under the “Padmavati Aahar Nirvah Yojana” a programme started by the Ashram.  They also provide free education and medical facilities to them and teach them the benefits of hygienic living.
Swami Rahuleshwaranandji says that true spirituality does not lie in sitting with closed eyes or in reciting slokas, it rather lies in perceiving the spiritual force in every being  and in serving them selflessly.  Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth established the “Sanatan Gaushala Foundation” in 2002 and in it are housed stray and old cows that were left to die by their owners.  Besides, the cows that are sold to the slaughterhouse are also rescued and kept here.
The Padmashree sadhak parivar is ever ready to serve the humanity in the hour of crisis.  During the Gujarat earthquake relief funds were sent to Gujarat and after the Tsunami crisis a special team of volunteers were sent to Napapattanam district of Tamil Nadu.  The team remained there for several weeks and distributed clothes and food among the survivors.  Temporary residences were also made for them.  Paramhans Swami Rahuleshwaranandji too remained there for several days and helped the people who had suffered the natural catastrophe.
Swami Rahuleshwaranandji is an adept in all the esoteric wisdom of the ancient Rishis.  He is a firm believer in the science of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, yajna, meditation etc.  He says that human race can achieve happiness only by living in harmony with Nature, and harmony with Nature can be achieved through the ancient wisdoms only. Time and again he has used his special wisdom for the benefit and betterment of the society. Like in the year 2000 in Sep he had organized a Maha Lakshachandi Yajna because he had predicted that the coming year would be extremely harmful for the entire world.  It was to mitigate the evil and harmful influences that he had conducted this yajna.  The rest is history.  The world witnessed many natural calamities in 2001 and then close upon heels came “mother of all terror strikes”, the world trade centre demolition, the attack on Indian parliament and the conflicts in the Middle East.  Still the world escaped a full–fledged war that would have pronounced doom for humanity.  It was nothing short of a miracle!