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Come Unto Me…! (English)
Who is a Sadguru? What is the real meaning of a temple? What is Sadhana and its rules? How can one decipher the message of the Upanishads? What are the mysteries hidden inside a Parad Shivalinga and Shree Yantra? The answers to many more such question can be got by going through this unique book, which is nothing less than a “Bible for all Sadhaks”.

Rudraksha: The divine Bead. (English)
Do you wish for success, accolades & acclamations? Do you want to get rid of bad relationships, habits and frustration? Do you wish to delve deep into the depths of meditation and attain Nirvana?
This booklet is the answer. Just go through it and see what a real Rusdraksha can do for you…

How to turn bad luck into good luck? (English)
Good luck is all about good relationship with the planets. This booklet tells about the negative influences created by malefic planets and those powerful rituals through which they can be transformed into positive ones. These rituals are simple and can be performed by anyone and anytime. It is time to say good bye to your sorrows, tensions, anxieties and problems.

Kali: The Cosmic Mother (English and Hindi)
Tantra is a very deep science and the Ten Mahavidyas are its inseparable part. To know them a sadhak must venture on this path with a very loving and sensitive heart. The Primal Mother Kali is beyond all comprehension, yet through one’s unconditional love and selfness Sadhana a Sadhak can receive Her grace and know Her. This book gives deep insights into the actual meaning and form of Mother Kali and gives her detailed worship and step by step Sadhana procedure for the benefit of the Sadhak. Kali Sahasranama, Kali Kavach, Kali Shatnama etc. are all included in this book.

Nitya Sadhana Vidhi  (Hindi)

There are many steps that a sadhak should perform before every sadhana. These steps help the sadhak to procure the blessings of various deities and the omnipotent Guru. One who includes these steps in his day to day worship increases his spiritual power, and his chances of attaining the desired siddhi (perfection) increases manifold. The various stotras (hymns), the sixteen step worship of the Guru, Siddhashram Panchak etc. are included in this book.

Bhagvati Chamunda Sadhana ( Hindi)
The Navarna Mantra of Goddess Chamunda is the most potent Mantra of all. This book gives detailed step by step Sadhana procedure of the Navarna Mantra. It also gives an interesting and amazing incident of Sagurudevji’s life related to his initiation into this Sadhana by the immortal Masters of the Himalayas. This book is a must for every aspiring sadhak and devotee of the Mother.