Padmavati Nirvah Aadhar Yojana

Manibhadra Sadhna Shivir

Kinkari Sadhna Shivir



The Vedic path of life is based on the science of Yagna.  In popular perception, Yagnas mean sacrifice. In reality they are sacred offerings to the fire god that come back with divine blessings for the person, place, thing, event or intention.

Even in this scientific age it has been proved that a house or a place in which Yagna are performed regularly remains immune to evil forces and diseases.

An ordinary Yagna is  extremely beneficial because it protects the house from pollution, evil influences and diseases. A specially performed Yagna however not only produces extremely auspicious results and spiritual benefits but also makes us the medium of world peace and well being by heightening human feelings and goodness in all of us. The chanting of mantras while performing the yagna is expected to ensure fulfillment of specific desires, the overall welfare of an individual, a group of people or the entire society. Gurudev  Rahuleshwaranandji  believes  that  keeping this yagna  science alive will ensure the continuity of our Vedic  traditions.