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Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth

“Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth Charitable Trust”, an Ashram based on humanitarian principles, equality of all religions and the Santana values is situated in a panoramic landscape in Vaghralpada, Vasai (E). This Ashram gives an impression of a Vedic heritage.  One look at this beautiful Ashram and the onlooker seems to be transported to the Vedic era. Spread in an area of six acres its boundaries are made of small hills on one side and a small river on the other.  The Ashram is constructed simply, but tastefully.  One can see the beautiful temple Goddess Padmavati, the yajna Mandap, meditation hall, and kutis for the ascetic disciples.
Founded in 1996 by Parmhans Swami Rahuleshwaranandji, who is a divine yogi related to siddhashram (an ethereal divine Ashram in the Himalaya), “Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth” is a spiritual centre for one and all and various humanitarian deeds are carried out from here.  The sadhaks living here have resolved to make this world a better living place, a place full of love, awareness and harmonized existence.
For this purpose the sadhaks and the ascetics reach out to the tribals living close by and distribute free monthly ration to them under the “Padmavati Aahar Nirvah Yojana” a programme started by the Ashram.  They also provide free education and medical facilities to them and teach them the benefits of hygienic living.
Swami Rahuleshwaranandji says that true spirituality does not lie in sitting with closed eyes or in reciting slokas, it rather lies in perceiving the spiritual force in every being  and in serving them selflessly.  Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth established the “Sanatan Gaushala Foundation” in 2002 and in it are housed stray and old cows that were left to die by their owners.  Besides, the cows that are sold to the slaughterhouse are also rescued and kept here.
The Padmashree sadhak parivar is ever ready to serve the humanity in the hour of crisis.  During the Gujarat earthquake relief funds were sent to Gujarat and after the Tsunami crisis a special team of volunteers were sent to Napapattanam district of Tamil Nadu.  The team remained there for several weeks and distributed clothes and food among the survivors.  Temporary residences were also made for them.  Paramhans Swami Rahuleshwaranandji too remained there for several days and helped the people who had suffered the natural catastrophe.
Swami Rahuleshwaranandji is an adept in all the esoteric wisdom of the ancient Rishis.  He is a firm believer in the science of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, yajna, meditation etc.  He says that human race can achieve happiness only by living in harmony with Nature, and harmony with Nature can be achieved through the ancient wisdoms only. Time and again he has used his special wisdom for the benefit and betterment of the society. Like in the year 2000 in Sep he had organized a Maha Lakshachandi Yajna because he had predicted that the coming year would be extremely harmful for the entire world.  It was to mitigate the evil and harmful influences that he had conducted this yajna.  The rest is history.  The world witnessed many natural calamities in 2001 and then close upon heels came “mother of all terror strikes”, the world trade centre demolition, the attack on Indian parliament and the conflicts in the Middle East.  Still the world escaped a full–fledged war that would have pronounced doom for humanity.  It was nothing short of a miracle!