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Padmashree Foundation

It was the year 2004, and Gurudev was invited by a few people to California. Gurudev reached Los Angeles and he conducted two spiritual camps. In one of them he discoursed on the importance of meditation and even revealed a few secret meditation techniques. The other camp was based on how a person can remove all negative influences, vibrations from his life and fill it with positive thinking and energy.
Gurudev answered the queries of people during these camps in such simple and lucid manner that all of them acknowledged that they were never guided in such a manner before. Everyone was extremely satisfied and contented. They also requested Gurudev to come there frequently so that they too could benefit by his wisdom. As a result Padmashree Foundation was born.
The main aim of the Foundation is to propagate Vedic values and lifestyle so that people may once again enjoy a tension free, blissful and exuberant life. In a span of just a few years the Foundation has been able to kindle a lamp of spirituality in the lives of several people who were striving to conquer the darkness of materialism. The Foundation wants to create awareness against the use of drugs, liquor etc. Universal brotherhood, mutual love, religious tolerance ranks high on the agenda of the Foundation.
Venerable Gurudev has organized several Sadhana camps and Yajnas here and many American citizens have benefited by participating in them. Gurudev wants to conduct a Laksha Chandi Yajna here in the near future, so that the onslaughts going on theĀ  world in the form of wars, terrorist attacks, political upheavals could be checked and a new world order basedĀ  on humanity and love could be introduced.
The Foundation is ever ready to contribute in social welfare programs and is resolved in defeating all sorts of evils prevalent in the society. Venerable Gurudev also wishes to erect a temple here which will be dedicated to Bhagwati Jagdamba – a temple where anyone could come irrespective of his caste, religion and nationality and realize all his desires, through the benevolent grace of the Mother Goddess.