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Nikhil Peeth

The Nikhil Peeth was established by Pujya Gurudev Rahuleshwaranandji in the years 1999 and is situated in amidst lofty Himalayan peaks. This place is amongst the five Badris and is known as “Dhyan Yoga Badri”. The Ashram is situated here below “Sheshvan”, the place of the mystical serpent god, Sheshnaga. Gurudev had selected this spot due to its natural beauty, sanctity and spiritual ambience, as thousands of saints and yogis have performed their sadhanas here is the past. The Peeth has especially been established for those true sadhkas, who want to do high level sadhanas and acquire highest accomplishment in a single lifetime.
This Peeth, which is dedicated to Swami Rahuleshwaranandji’s Guru, Brahmswaroop Paramhans Nikhileshwaranandji and Mother Padmavati, takes active part in all social welfare programs from time to time. Poor children are provided with clothes, school fee, books etc. The pilgrims to Badrinath, which is just 25km. from here, are given food and shelter here. The saints, yogis and ascetics also stay here while going to Badrinath and the Peeth takes care of all their necessities and also honors them by giving Dakshina to them.
A big Bhandra is organized after the temple of Badrinath is reopened for the public every year. For the past several years now the Nikhil Peeth has been receiving honor of organizing this first Bhandra. Thousands of pilgrims, saints, and ascetic come in this Bhandra and Gurudev offers clothes and Dakshina to all the ascetics on that day. Another Bhandra is held annually on the birthday of Yogishwar Nikhileshwaranandji and hundreds of people come here on that day to participate in the Bhandara.
The Peeth creates awareness in the people of the nearby regions against use of liquor and other bad habits. It teaches them the advantages of hygienic living and guides the young people so that they can become self reliant and enjoy a good life.
With the grace of Gurudev the Peeth also grows rare herbs which have great Ayurvedic importance.
Indeed, this place surrounded by natural beauty is a paradise on earth, whoever goes there starts feeling healthy energized and spiritually elevated.