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Baglamukhi Peeth

Pujya Gurudev has always envisioned a human race which is determined, competent and vigorous. But it’s not possible unless one has to cope with diseases, sorrows, obstacles and enemies. That’s the reason why Gurudev established Baglamukhi Peeth in Rishikesh, the land of holy Rishis, which is dedicated to Goddess Baglamukhi. Another reason for establishing this Peeth is that there was no other Peeth of Mother Baglamukhi in that region.
Mother Baglamukhi is that cosmic energy, which helps s person to conquer all his negative traits and raise his consciousness to higher levels by destroying his false ego and his diseases, sorrows and enemies. Only when a person escapes these negative influences can he become determined, resolute and intelligent and go on to become a perfect human being. A human being who not only uplifts himself, but also helps in overall upliftment of the society.
Time and again Gurudev has initiated several social welfare programs from here. On several occasions Bhandaras are organized here for ascetics, Mahatmas and monks and clothes and Dakshina are offered to them, Poor women are given clothes and household commodities from time to time. Recently a “Ganga Safai Rally” was organized by the Peeth in which several reputed citizens of the city and children from various schools took part enthusiastically. The Peeth has also taken the responsibility for the well-being and education of a few children from poor families.
The aim of the Peeth is to remove the evil tendencies and wrong practices prevalent in the society, to establish such ideals which will assist in creating a loving and congenial atmosphere for all. The Peeth is firm and determined in the fulfillment of this dream.
The sister branch of the “Sanatan Gaushala Foundation” is also situated here. Though there are not many cattle here, presently, yet the Peeth is carrying out its responsibility of serving and rescuing the cows from slaughterhouses and spreading awareness in this regard.