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About Gurudev


How Blessed are we, to live in this time? It may seem a time of great conflict, of great fear, of suffering and poverty- but these are but signs of great change. Navigating through these times can be a great challenge; and fortunate are those who are gifted with the Divine Grace and Guidance of the Guru.
Sadguru Swami Rahuleshwaranandji is such a divine solution, to not only the concerns of the apparent outside material world and all of its complications, but also to the greater concern that is often overlooked and misunderstood- the liberation of one’s eternal soul.
Although this concern often takes a back seat to our material needs, for Guru Rahuleshwaranandji, it was of foremost importance from a very young age.  This burning desire to understand the underlining nature of man, from where we came, how we can find true happiness, as well as liberation of our soul from the bondage of the cycles of physical birth and death, led him to the ancient yogic path.
Gurudev was born in Nov 17, 1966, in Vasai, India on Deepawali, a very auspicious day. He was raised with a great deal of love and affection in a very devout hindu family. Though born into a wealthy family, his home provided him with a serene and pious environment. It was perhaps because of this, and the strong support from his mother that his mind was naturally inclined towards spiritual learning, religious and virtuous activities instead of worldly comforts or a luxurious lifestyle.

He completed his primary education in Vasai but he was never completely happy with the materialistic life, education system, or the family business.  Even as a young teenager, he sought enlightenment, a yearning that grew steadily over time. This early spiritual nurturing lay an ideal foundation for His future divine accomplishments.

Guided by this burning desire for seeking Truth; the universe lovingly responded with his first illumined teacher, Guru Jagadishmuniji.  It was he who first answered many of the young prodigy’s queries about spiritual practice and would soon after introduce him to the world of Sadhana.
Due to His spiritual master’s guidance, Gurudev surrendered himself to the pure unadulterated practice of Sanatan Dharma (Vedic path of life). As the mystical journey of his life unfolded, he made astounding progress in the spiritual field and found himself preaching and practicing the teachings of Sanatan Dharma all over the world.

Once the determined youth yogi set foot on this path, he had no intention of turning back until had reached his highest aim. His first major undertaking was a Sadhana dedicated to communion with the Divine Mother Goddess Padmavati.
Based on his pureness of heart and intent, perfect adherence to the rules and practice of this particular Sadhana, as well as merits of past incarnations, the young master was soon sitting before the Divine Mother, manifest before him, in all Her inconceivable splendor.
Bearing the Blessings of Mother Padmavati, who was now the first of his later to be, 10 Mahavidya to manifest before him, gift him and guide him; he was then instructed by her to a remote location in the high Himalayas for his next course, as well as a new Master.
Her loving guidance now brought him before two of his greatest teachers, Paramhans Swami Satchidanandji of the legendary Siddhashram, ethereal ashram in the Himalayas whose age is beyond anyone’s comprehension; and Brahmarishi Vishwamitra who bestowed perfection on him in the field of Kundalini Jagran, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Apsara Sadhanas.
With total faith and divine guidance the young man was guided over the next 18 years to Master teachers and spiritual supermen in all parts of the Himalayas; from Trijata Maharaj to Paramhans Nikhileshwaranandji, as well as a term under the instruction of the greatly revered Mahavtar Babaji, with whom he became accomplished in Kriya yoga and also acquired mastery in two-three unique practices of Tantra.
Despite this most incredible lineage, and unimaginable accomplishment of his personal practice, Sadgurudev Rahuleshwaranandji, is one of the most humble and unassuming souls you will ever meet.  Few can ever begin to consider the true fathoms of intellect, experience or character.  He has been given his orders, from his Gurus and well as the Divine Devis, to serve, all of humanity; to share the knowledge that has been imparted to him, to those that are ready; and to be the living embodiment of Forgiveness, Compassion and Unconditional Love for the entire world to see.  And this too he does, perfectly.